Marci brings extensive experience in understanding the underlying issues related to gangs and crime and the impact on communities. She has expertise in organizing community wide gang assessments, helping community agencies, law enforcement and government come together collaboratively to understand the issues and develop long-term strategic approaches. Marci is current on best practice solutions and innovative approaches being used nation wide.

Marci’s many years working in the criminal justice system has helped her recognize the need to “think outside the box” in order to address rising recidivism and costs related to incarceration. Her 11 years as a probation officer in Ventura County, California and her current role as Coordinator of the San Luis Obispo County Anti-Gang Commission have convinced her that understanding sociological and cultural issues are critical as we attempt to move forward with a more positive and sensible game plan for the future. Her interest in these issues has been consistent over the years. She received a BA in Sociology in 1992, and has always had a deep desire to work toward social justice.