With 40+ years experience as a teacher and trainer of Experiential Education, Jim has worked in a broad range of settings. An innovative thinker, he helped conceive and execute the Harlem Street Academies and Prep School, is a co-founder of Project Adventure and developed the Gloucester Museum School, Behavior Management through Adventure, Transition Challenge in New York City and Bamboo Resilience in Japan. He is the lead author of Islands of Healing, Exploring Islands of Healing and Gold Nuggets. He is a certified level 2 trainer for Project Adventure, Inc.

Jim is the recipient of the 2005 Michael Stratton Practitioner of the year Award and the 2009 Josh Minor Dialogue Series Award from the Association for Experiential Education. The Jim Schoel Full Value Award is given yearly to a deserving Adventure practitioner. He is a graduate of the University of Washington and Harvard Graduate School of Education.

Currently Jim is teaching adventure counseling skills to victims of the 2011 tsunami in Japan, and with returning U.S. veterans. He also volunteers support for experiential education in his home community of Gloucester. Jim is available to assist in program development, experiential skill development, visioning and team building.

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